Have you got any questions before moving forward?

We understand that our franchisees would have a lot of questions before starting their project. Opening a new business involves a period of reflection in which we seek answers to a great number of questions. At Kids&Us we are available to answer all the queries our franchisees might have before opening their own centre. Our team is readily available to support all of our partners whenever needed.

  • 1. What will my training as a franchisee involve and how long will it last?

    The training will consist of spending a week at the Kids&Us head office where you will receive all the information necessary for managing a Kids&Us centre.  The course is divided into different areas (Commercial-sales, Pedagogical, Human Resources, Purchasing, Communication and Marketing) so that the franchisee will have all the necessary tools in order to start their new business successfully.  The training is given by the different managers of the relevant departments.

  • 2. Will I have to pay any other fee besides the initial one?

    Only if you decide to open another centre in a different area.

  • 3. Will the designated area for my franchise be exclusively for me?

    The franchise contract clearly states that the assigned area is exclusive, so no other Kids&Us centre will open in the aforementioned territory.

  • 4. What are the next steps before the centre opens?

    Once the school’s premises are ready according to Kids&Us’ guidelines, our franchisees will have to focus on advertising and selling the courses which the centre will provide.  The franchisee will not be alone in this task but will be guided at all times by the coordinator assigned by the Marketing Department, who will recommend a number of different promotions in order to attract the maximum number of pupils possible.  The franchisee will also have the possibility of ordering various different custom-made materials which will be coordinated by the Kids&Us team.

  • 5. Do I have to speak fluent English to be able to open a Kids&Us centre?

    This is not essential as we clearly differentiate between the franchise business operation and the pedagogical area.

  • 6. Who is responsible for teacher recruitment?

    Our HR Department will assist our partners in the recruitment and training of teachers.

  • 7. Who will give me support in the first few months following the opening of the centre?

    An area coordinator is assigned to each franchise holder to give all the necessary support from the very first day.  This assistance will cover both the tasks needed to set up the centre as well as the day-to-day management of the business.

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