More than just an English school


Kids&Us is not just another language school. It is a brand with a proven pedagogical methodology and a strong drive for innovation and continuous improvement. Our methodology is one factor that makes us stand out, but it is not the only one.


The fact that Kids&Us develops all of its own pedagogical materials, which are 100% designed for each age group, provides significant added value for our students.


Another key factor in the success of Kids&Us centres is the image that they transmit. They are spaces designed for children. They present a world of colours that help to take full advantage of the great learning potential that the students possess. A fun and pleasant environment is carefully created, a world away from the plain, grey austerity that they are confronted with for most of the day at school.

  • Our courses

    Our courses

    Kids&Us courses are designed and structured in an evolutionary fashion, taking into account children’s maturity at different ages. Each character accompanies the children and gives them the support that will shape the way they learn the language: a way that is imaginative and will help them to see and understand the world.

  • Kids&Us Activities

    Kids&Us Activities

    Every year, the Kids&Us pedagogical team develops specific topics for a wide range of activities which supplement the courses provided by the centres.  There are two types of activities: those which take place in the children’s school holidays (Funweeks and SummerFun) and the single day activities in the form of workshops (LittleChef, Storytime and Simulastory).

  • The Kids&Us method

    The Kids&Us method

    The Kids&Us method follows the natural language learning process and treats English as if it were the child’s mother tongue by going through the same natural stages children experience to acquire their first language:  listening, understanding, speaking and reading and writing.  This is why Kids&Us starts during the child’s first year.

  • Kids&Us at schools

    Kids&Us at schools

    It is increasingly common to find nursery schools and infant schools which are looking for products with added value that will allow them to improve the quality of their syllabus as well as provide stimulating educational activities for the children.

    Kids&Us provides an efficient, unique method with fully trained teachers who can go and teach in the school in question at previously arranged times.

    This service also includes a process for monitoring the pupils by means of informative sessions with the parents and an individual report for each child.

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