What is Kids&Us?

What is Kids&Us?

Setting up and running a language centre is not an easy task. At Kids&Us we consider it essential to have very clear and well thought out guidelines. Moreover, other factors must also be taken into consideration when working with children.  In this section we provide useful information for those of you who would like to find out what opening a Kids&Us school entails. If you are interested in participating in this unique project, come and learn more about us.



    1. Kids&Us introduces a new concept of a language school based on a groundbreaking and exclusive methodology designed for children to learn English from the age of one year old onwards.


    2. The wealth of experience that Natālia Perarnau had gained from running her own language school, her passion for accessing new markets and reaching new target audiences, along with her recent motherhood, all came together to drive her to develop her own learning methodology for children in 2003. Kids&Us is the result of this fusion.


    3. In September 2006, the first licensed Kids&Us centres opened their doors.


    4. At the end of 2008, a new phase of expansion began at Kids&Us through the creation of a network of franchises which strove to ensure the quality of service and to improve and strengthen the brand image. The first pilot Kids&Us franchise was opened.


    5. In 2009, the first seven Kids&Us franchises in Spain began work in earnest.


    6. In 2011, Kids&Us went international with the opening of its first centres in Italy, namely in Rome and Milan.


    7. In 2012, Kids&Us boasts a total of 103 centres across Spain and Italy and has opened its first franchises in France (Paris) and Belgium (Brussels).


    8. Currently, over 65,000 children in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium-Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic and Mexico learn English in one of our 208 Kids&Us language schools.


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