The Kids&Us Team

A good team is crucial for any project in the field of teaching.  However, when that team is part of the Kid&Us project, the quality of its members is even more vital because we are working to build a brighter future for our children.

The Kids&Us team is one of the company’s greatest assets and their commitment has a fundamental impact on everything we do.

Every member of the Kids&Us staff has been specially trained to ensure that the service we offer is of the highest quality. We are committed to providing continuous and specialised training for all of our personnel. Furthermore, the internal auditing system that we have in place enables us to detect any potential areas for improvement. ALL OF THIS WITH ONE GOAL IN MIND: EXCELLENCE.

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  • What we do

    Our Pedagogical Department is at the very heart of the Kids&Us world. This is where we focus the main part of the company’s investment, both in terms of financial and human resources.


    Our pedagogical team is made up of teaching experts including linguists, learning resources developers and specialists in children’s education. The team’s objective within Kids&Us is to create, develop and test all of the pedagogical content for our courses. At the same time, they also revise and update the existing courses offered at our centres.


    The development of pedagogical content for the Kids&Us methodology always takes into account the cognitive maturity of each age group. In other words, our resources are specially designed for our students’ skills at each stage of their development. This enables us to set academic objectives for our students to work towards throughout the different courses of all the Kids&Us stages: Babies, Kids, Tweens and Teens.


    Once the Pedagogical Department have created the resources that our teachers and children will work with throughout the school year, it is the turn of our Design and Illustration Department. They ensure that these materials are attractive and stimulating for our young students as we design our products for English to be learned through stimulating all five senses.


    We also have a Digital Department which works to integrate technology into the Kids&Us universe in order to connect with the children through a range of attractive and engaging tools.


    The Kids&Us pedagogical course guides developed for our teachers explain every aspect of the lessons and provide step-by-step instructions for the activities carried out in and outside the classroom. This enables us to ensure that we make the very most of the time that our students spend at the Kids&Us centres.


    As well as having developed its own methodology for learning English in the classroom throughout the school year, Kids&Us has also created a range of other activities. These can be organised either at our centres (such as Fun Weeks and Little Chefs) or at other locations (Summer Fun, Storytime, etc.). These activities have been developed following the Kids&Us philosophy of learning and perfecting English. They provide a fun yet effective way to learn English, both for Kids&Us students and for other children who want to experience our universe.


    All of our products have been developed exclusively for and by Kids&Us and can only be used in our centres.


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