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We would like parents and children to enjoy spending time playing in English and to make the language the focal point in certain areas of family life. We are aware of parents' growing interest in finding suitable, interesting and educational ways to stimulate their children's English learning, so we have developed this new collection of books and games especially for this age group, which can be used either with or without the Talking Pen.

Baby Book - Play&Learn with Colours


The baby book Play&Learn with Colours has two parts: one where the child explores by placing the Talking Pen on the different items and listening to a description. And then the other where the child is asked a question by placing the Talking Pen on a question mark and he then has to find the answer.

Pedagogical content: Play&Learn with Colours takes children on a journey through colours and vocabulary that is tailored to and suitable for ages 9-24 months.


You can download the files from our website; connect your Talking Pen to the computer, and save these downloaded files in the AP4 file to your Talking Pen.

Baby Book 2 - Play&Learn with Numbers

The second Baby Book of the series is Play&Learn with Numbers.

Knowing how attracted children are to technology, we have designed Play&Learn to sit halfway between traditional and contemporary games and books, making it an interesting alternative to tablets or smart phones. Play&Learn books also support and encourage participation from parents, since their emotional investment in the English learning process is one of the goals that Kids&Us strives for.


Pedagogical content: Play&Learn with Numbers takes children on a journey through the numbers from 1-10, as well as learning different words such as FOX, BEE, FLOWERS, STARS and so on. All content is tailored to and suitable for children aged from 9 to 24 months old.


Kids&Us' Play&Learn Baby Books have been designed to be played with the Talking Pen. This is for two reasons: 


*To encourage parents to participate in the game, even if they don't feel very confident speaking English.




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