Ben & Brenda

8 and 9 year olds

Who are Ben and Brenda?

At first glance, Ben and Brenda look like normal kids, but they are actually superheroes with superpowers! Ben is super fast and has the power of flight, while Brenda is super strong and has the power of becoming invisible. Their city is threatened by villains, and Ben and Brenda have to try to stop them.

Pedagogical information

Number of students per class: 8 children.

The role of the parents: The parents’ support at home is fundamental for encouraging the children to listen to the CD every day.

Class length: 90  minutes.

Objectives of the course: With the Ben and Brenda course, the children start to develop their literacy skills. Even though this is the first year in which the children focus on reading and writing, we do not start with the basics as they do at school. They continue making progress with their English, the only difference being that the exercises done in class not only involve speaking but writing as well.

Teachers: At Kids&Us, all of our teachers have been specially trained to teach according to our methodology. Apart from continuous training, we also regularly assess our teachers in order to guarantee the quality of our classes. In the case of teaching staff who are non-native English speakers, we require them to have an excellent level of English in order to be good language role models for our students. Moreover, we place great importance on their affinity and flair for working with children as well as their linguistic abilities.
The teachers who have classes at the KIDS level are able to choose which age groups from 3 to 8 years old they would prefer working with. The reason we do this is to take advantage of the enthusiasm and commitment our teachers have for dealing with specific age groups.  In addition, Kids&Us teachers have a strong rapport with the children and feel a true vocation for working with them, resulting in stimulating lessons and positive interaction within the classroom.

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