Fairy tales 2: Tweens 4

12 and 13 year olds

Behind every traditional story, there is a lesson to be learnt. At Kids&Us, we have adapted these tales to contemporary times. We bring Puss in Boots into today's world by dealing with adolescent issues such as bullying at school. This problem makes our main character apathetic and withdrawn. However befriending a cat and putting on a pair of boots will be the turning points which change his life for the better.

Through our stories, the students have the opportunity to discover the power of believing in themselves. In addition, they learn about the strength that we all gain from chasing a dream, however impossible it may seem.

Pedagogical information

Number of students per class: 8 children

The role of the parents: Even though the children are starting to become reasonably independent at this age, it is still necessary for parents to check that they listen to the CD every day. It is also important to be aware that, on this course, the children receive worksheets for homework to be done over the weekend.

Class length: 90 minutes twice a week

Course objectives: The final objective of Fairy Tales 2 is to attain the Cambridge PET Level (B1). Over these two courses, the students work intensively on improving reading comprehension and ensuring that they are confident understanding the general meaning as well as the details of a text in the original version. At the same time, the children enrich their vocabulary and continue to incorporate the use of idiomatic expressions.

Teachers: At Kids&Us, all of our teachers have been specially trained to teach according to our methodology. Apart from continuous training, we also regularly assess our teachers in order to guarantee the quality of our classes. In the case of teaching staff who are non-native English speakers, we require them to have an excellent level of English in order to provide good language role models for our students. Moreover, we place great importance on their affinity and flair for working with children as well as their linguistic abilities.

Our teachers on courses for Tweens are enthusiastic individuals who thrive on working with young people who have already been learning English for years. As well as having received training to run these courses in particular, they are well versed in the entire process of our methodology. We ensure that our teachers have a solid understanding of the linguistic foundation that our students have acquired so that they can optimise the students’ knowledge and abilities when moving forward.

Tweens Courses:

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