Kids&Us in nursery schools

Kids&Us offers language teaching services to nursery schools. By using our own teaching methodology, we introduce children to the learning of a new language and we accompany them throughout the process so that they can acquire a good command of it.

This service is aimed at making the logistics of English lessons easier for the nursery schools as Kids&Us sends a teacher at previously agreed times. The school does not need to have an English teacher on staff or have the materials needed to teach the lessons. We provide it all.

Moreover, Kids & Us provides:
  • A very effective, unique and prestigious method.

  • A Kids&Us teacher who is professionally trained and will travel to the nursery school at agreed hours.

  • Informative meetings for parents at the beginning, middle and end of the course.

  • Individual reports for each student when they finish the course, where both what the teachers have covered and the achievements of each student are explained.

Results and expectations at an early age:
1 year olds


Our goal with this age group is to familiarise the children with the intonation and rhythm of English, as well as to enhance their comprehension skills.
It is frequently noticed that after 3 sessions, one-year-old children are able to understand a great deal of what the teacher says in the context of the class. Isn’t this amazing?
The first words in English start being produced by the end of the course. Sometimes the children can even say some words in English that they are not even able to say in their mother tongue. The most adventurous students try to communicate imitating their teacher’s intonation.

Linda & Bunny
Linda & Bunny
2 year olds


2-year-old kids do not only show great comprehension of what is being said and done in class, but they also start speaking English after a few sessions. Sometimes they use two-word phrases or sentences and sing songs. At this age, students have the need to communicate and a willingness to participate directly in classroom activities. As a result, the process of learning a new language turns into a positive and enriching experience. Moreover, according to some parents, it is not unusual for children to come home singing or saying things in English.

Trust in us

At Kids&Us school of English we count on the loyalty and trust of the nursery schools that have decided to implement our method.

Our teachers

Kids&Us teachers are specialists in teaching English to the youngest students and we only select those who show great sensitivity when interacting with such young children. In addition, all our staff have been trained to use the Kids&Us materials and methodology to optimize children’s learning. Apart from our teachers’ linguistic skills, we have also taken into account their passion and commitment to working with children.

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