Kids' Zone

Playing or Learning?
The Kids Zone is an interactive planet where learning is combined with playing and having fun.  In this space, we have prepared activities in which children can consolidate their knowledge of the language learned in an enjoyable way: simply by interacting.

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What’s the weather like today? With this activity, Oliver is going to tell us if it is hot or cold. Not only will you learn about meteorological phenomena but you will also learn vocabulary and expressions related to the weather. This game is suitable for children between 5 and 7 years old.


In this game the children will learn how to count and recognise animals by the different sounds they make. They will also find out where they live on the farm.


The children have fun dressing Emma in her different clothes while learning the names of different colours and garments at the same time.


Listening is an important part of the learning process and Emma will help them with her daily routine, for example at bath time.

Oliver is ill

Oliver is ill. What should he do if he has a headache? Can he play football? Listen and help him to get better. With this activity you will learn how to tell someone how you feel if you are ill and find out how to get well again.

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