Listen&Read continues along the same lines as our Listen&Touch book, but introduces the written word. In our new book, Listen&Read, children are encouraged to read simple sentences or questions and then discover the answers by gliding the Talking Pen over the appropriate image on the page.

It is particularly useful for children who have just started to read and write in our courses. It is quite normal that at this age, students who had been pronouncing words correctly up to this point, suddenly become confused when they see them written down. With the Talking Pen, we can avoid this from happening. Children will hear the word or sentence pronounced correctly and will be able to listen to them time after time. In this way, students will associate the word they see with the word they hear.


It is particularly suitable for those children who want to keep in touch with the English language during the holidays. However, it is not necessary for parents to make an extra effort or even to have a good level of English.


Listen&Read has been designed to be played with the Talking Pen. This is for the following reasons:


So boys and girls have the opportunity to listen to impeccable English.
To encourage the correct pronunciation of words which may cause some difficulty when seen in the written form.



For children aged 7-10.



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