1 year olds

Who is Mousy?

Mousy is a friendly little mouse who accompanies the one-year-old boys and girls. By playing, singing and telling short stories with Mousy, the children are introduced to the English language. We deal with everyday situations that are familiar to children at this age.

Pedagogical information

Number of students per class: A maximum of 5 children who are accompanied by a parent or guardian to ensure their smooth adaptation to the new environment as well as their active participation in classroom activities. 

The role of the parents: During the initial classes, the parents’ role will simply involve emotional support. At home, apart from playing the CD for their children, parents with some knowledge of English may also carry out the supplementary activities in order to reinforce what the children have learned in class. As the parents attend classes with their children throughout the course, they see first hand the class activities which can be easily repeated at home and as a result, can become part of their daily routine.

Class length: 45 minutes.

Course objectives: This course will help children to get familiar with the rhythm and intonation of English and enable them to understand basic instructions. For those children who already speak a little in their mother tongue, this course will teach them to say their first words in a new language.

Teachers: At Kids&Us, all of our teachers have been specially trained to teach according to our methodology. Apart from continuous training, we also regularly assess our teachers in order to guarantee the quality of our classes. In the case of teaching staff who are non-native English speakers, we require them to have an excellent level of English to ensure that they are good language role models for our students. Moreover, we place great importance on their affinity and flair for working with children as well as their linguistic abilities.

The teachers who teach BABIES’ courses are professionals who have a sensitive and careful approach to this special age group, which has unique needs compared to groups with older students. Our teachers are passionate about working with such young children and they feel extremely privileged to witness their pupils’ first steps in acquiring the English language.


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