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What is the Kids&Us editorial policy? - Objectives and philosophy

The Kids&Us philosophy has always been to provide children with a range of varied stimuli in English from the youngest age, in order to expose them to the language and help them learn it. With this mission in mind, Kids&Us has decided to enter the publishing world to fill a market gap for storybooks and readers for non-native English speakers. They are tailored to both the English level of the children, as well as the levels of parents reading to them.




From our experience with Kids&Us, we know that in order for non-native English speaking children to develop good skills in the language, they need to be exposed to an accessible yet also authentic level of English. At the same time, and keeping in mind the importance of involving parents, we want to provide families with all the tools to let them share in the fascinating adventure of learning a language with their children.


Our collections


Betty Sheep

The BETTY SHEEP collection consists of tales with simple, yet informative illustrations to facilitate understanding. Betty sets off discovering the world around her with help from her friend Catty. The concepts and situations that arise will be familiar to young readers, thus aiding them to learn those same concepts in ENGLISH.

Gina Ginger

The GINA GINGER collection narrates the adventures of a little girl with ginger hair. Gina always ends up in sticky situations. However, with help from little fairies, these problems usually get resolved.... or sometimes get worse! The Gina Ginger tales are a voyage through the emotions and frustrations of a girl the same age as the readers.


English 360º


The new Books for Children range does not only come in a paperback form. The 360º Kids&Us English experience can be enhanced in the virtual world. Take a look at our new webpage, where parents and children will find a wide range of games and activities to enjoy online or offline.


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