At Kids&Us we believe that reading is a marvellous way to help our children's imagination soar. From the age of 9, a child's reading capacity is more developed. We feel that our books, "The Red Jungle Mystery", "Night at the Funfair" and "Three Little Pigs", help children to become the main characters on a journey full of fun and adventure in English. At Kids&Us we want children to feel that reading is as enjoyable and creative in English as it is in their mother tongue thanks to our specifically designed texts for their level of English.




The Red Jungle Mystery


Recommended for ages 9-11 (Animal Planet 1 & 2)


In this book the readers become the main character of the story, who goes on an exciting journey full of adventures. Children will find a variety of fun activities to solve such as puzzles, mazes, messages to de-code, word searches and crosswords. While they read, they will listen to a brief recording in English, which is an essential part to continue the story. This is a reader which is ideal to revise what the children have learnt throughout their Kids&Us course.



Night at the Funfair


Recommended for ages 10-12 (Animal Planet 2 & Fairy Tales 1)


Unbeknown to them, there is a hidden world within the funfair full of witches, wizards and vampires who will try to spoil their day out.

In this book, children will find a variety of fun activities to solve such as puzzles, mazes, messages to decode, word searches and crosswords.  While they read, they will have the opportunity to listen to a brief monologue in English, which is necessary to continue the story.



Three Little Pigs


Recommended for ages 12-13 (Fairy Tales 1 & 2)


Can you imagine a teenage version of the story, "The Three Little Pigs"? This is a fun and gripping book which consolidates lexical and grammatical elements which students have learnt throughout their Kids&Us course. Children can read the story, do reading comprehension and writing exercises and even listen to an audio version of the book on our website.

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