Talking Pen

The pen that talks while you learn

We are pleased to present the most amusing way to learn correct pronunciation. This digital pen includes the voices of the characters from your Kids&Us stories!



The Talking Pen is a pen which will enable your children to learn how to pronounce English properly, while having fun at the same time. You only have to place the Talking Pen on the Kids&Us story books. The pen reads the text and reproduces the voice of the character as well as other features of the pages. The Talking Pen is designed for children from the age of one year onwards.


In case you do not have the tracks available on your Talking Pen, you can download the files from our website. Just choose the sound for the books that you've bought, connect your Talking Pen to the computer, and save these files in the AP4 file on your talking pen.


The Betty Sheep and Gina Ginger audio tracks can be found on the website Read me a story: select the story and download the tracks.

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